Frequently asked questions 

1. Are your templates Royalty-free ? 

Yes ! You can do whatever you want with them ! 
You just need to make a subtle change to release them - at least change the tone ;) 

2. Do ableton templates work on every operating system ! 

Yes they do ! you can use them on Mac OS or windows. 

3. Do we use third party plug-ins ? 

Yes we do ! Either Sylenth or Serum. If you don't have those please reach out to us will find a solution for you 
to be able to work on em. 

4. I have a problem once i open the project files, it doesn't sound like the version i bought ! 

Please update your synthesisers, always feel free to reach out with us and we'll be happy to fix the problem 
for you. 

5. I have a problem once i open the template... 

Please reach out to and we'll look into it for you ;) 

6. Is there any extra option of payments ? 

Yes please reach out to