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 - Royalty-free daw template

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 - Professionally mixed and mastered 

 - Related music industry contacts included 

 - Tutorial included

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What if future bass was not a secret for you anymore ? you would be diving in a professional logic pro x templates designed by a team of amazing DJs/music producers. Well, this is reality ! Grab your future bass template now and get ready to crush it ;) 

Our collection of future bass Logic Pro X templates are designed for you to achieve your goal ! 

Either you want to master music production or make it as a DJ our package include the tools needed. 

You'll find a royalty-free song including the most advanced production techniques

 as well as a specific tutorial and music industry contact ( high profile )

 to reach out with your favourite labels and DJs. 

Don't miss on the opportunity it could be your biggest chance to live your dream. 

Ghost-audio vision was to connect DJs all around the world by getting the DJ scene to craft logic pro x templates. 

Our team is only made of dedicated and successful DJs who are touring and signed on the biggest labels. 

Future bass is a sound we legitimately design, we are expert in the field, we are the scene itself. 

We master logic pro x like no other platform does, our sounding is unique . 

Our logic pro x templates are made and played all over the world by the DJ scene. 

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