My Christmas gift

If you wanna become successful as a DJ or a music producer, however you measure success. The only thing that will make you reach your goal is your MIND ! 

You need to realise the power can have your mind over your life, your brain, your body and your soul ! You need to set your mind properly :) ask yourself this simple question : What is right to do ? 

Is it right to be jealous ? Is it right to criticise others ? Is it right to feel depressed when “ failing” ? 

The obvious answer is NO ! 

Although we are all convinced of “ the right thing to do”  our minds gets filled with toxic thoughts all the time. In fact we decide to fill our mind with toxic thoughts…

It’s a choice we make ! Therefore you can always re set your mind by choosing what you feel right to do. “ feel, think, choose ! ”  

This Is what we call a mindset : a cluster of thoughts. 

Here are the different type of positive mindsets, you’re one thought away of happiness in life and reaching your goal. It will come naturally to you thanks to the law of attractions ;) 

This doesn’t mean you have to wait for it, put the work you think is relevant to achieve it. 

I’m grateful for life, for what it has taught me over the years. I don’t regret anything and now more than ever I want to help people and the community, this is why I created ghost-audio. I want to build a community of DJs and help them reaching their goals ! 

The positive mindsets.

1.The thinker mindset

It’s the self regulatory mind, you need to manage your thoughts. What is stealing your thoughts around you ? Is your cell phone constantly stealing your thoughts ? Maybe it’s time for you to breath and get closer to your thoughts. 

2.The control thinking mindset 

Never let your thoughts in your mind unchecked. Feel, think, choose. Decontextualise, redesign thoughts tat are holding you back ! Build something better. Ask yourself the right questions ;) 

3.The words mindset

Examine your words ! They provide a lot of insights. 

Whatever you think the most naturally grows in you. The more you speak positively the more positive your life will be.

4.The controlled emotion mindset 

If you repress toxic thoughts they will come back to you. 

You’re not responsible for the cause but for the management of the emotion. 

Do not deny your feelings, acknowledge, face them ! 

Be honest with yourself ;) 

5.Forgiveness mindset

Find a new way to thing of the person that hurts you ! What is their story, what is your story ? 

6.The happiness mindset

It’s easy to think that money is happiness. Hapiness has more to do with the sense of inner satisfaction. Have meaningful relationship and meaningful work ! 

Happiness precede success ;) 

7.The time mindset

Success takes hard work ( you define yourself what’s hard work, it doesn’t mean anything actually - what are supposed to be hard working on ??? ) but still it takes work ! 

Believe in yourself and don’t let time discourage you :) 

8.The possible mindset

Optimism in seeing multiple possibilities, they are a million path to reach your goal ! 

Find out : What’s working ? What’s not working ?

8.The gratitude mindset

 Choose to be grateful ! It improves overall health = mental health benefit. 

The better you become at building a gratitude mindset, the more likely you will become successful and be happier in the future. 

9.The community mindset

We are social animals. 

Isolation = bad ! 

We are a team, together we can do great things. 

10.The support mindset 

Supportive relationships helps in hard times. We are designed to support each other. 

11.The healthy stress mindset 

The way you view stress can work against or for you ! 

Society it’s stressing us out with “ stress”. There’s no such thing as bas stress only if you choose to stress as bad ;) 

12.The expectation mindset 

Expectation can change the outcome 

Bad expectation = bad reality 

13. The will power mindset 

This allows us to persevere ! It takes expectancy to the next level. 

Merry Christmas ! 

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