How i became a famous DJ at 20years old using Ableton !

A step by step process to becoming a successful DJ. 

 And this is how I met your mother… haha just kidding ! This is how I became a famous DJ at 20 years old :) 

Today I thought I’d share with you a bit of my story because as they say we learn from history so it’s always interesting to look back at someone’s path and to analyse what worked, what didn’t. 

 I think your mindset should be : I’m curious to find out if I’ll be successful, to do so I will figure out what’s working and what’s not along the way.  

Here's a video of me at 20years old... Damn time flies :) 

What worked for me ?!

STEP 1 : Momentum 

 Momentum is something I didn’t even know about at the time to be honest. I was just making the music I felt like making at the time but obviously it was fitting a trending sound.So this most definitely worked and it’s pretty obvious that when a certain sounding is trendy, people get interested about it ! 

But it could definitely be a strategy to put in if you wanna make it work.I think you need to approach things in a pragmatic way. If you wanna make it work there are solutions to your problem. 

Momentum is a good way to make it work, it’s not the only solution but it definitely works and it might be the best solution !Right music at the right time under the right brand ;)

So as a first step I would start by defining what you are selling, why you are selling, who you are selling ! 

 Define your brand, music and make it fit the trend. 

 That doesn’t mean you need to sell your soul, the key is to find the right compromise ;)  

But you have got to face it if you want to succeed in life you have got to do what it takes and most of time it's not only doing what you want. There's a big difference between what your desire is and what your goal is ! 

STEP 2 : Get your music out there ! 

 Get your music out there ! At the time as soon as I was making a track I would directly send it to all the blogs I was following. Blogs were huge a the time ... I would send e-mails and the subject would be : “ banger”. 

 Well, this actually worked haha. I got my tracks all over the Internet and got booked a few gigs around Europe thanks to blogs.Definitely try to have some strategy to send e-mails ! 

How do you reach out , who do you reach out to ? how many times a week do you reach out ?Maybe you could have this habit of reaching out to 5 people every day. 

 This has proven great great results, If you wanna know more about this strategy I recommend a book called : “ reach out “ by Molly Beck.  Really cool and informative book !I use this method everyday and have been seeing great results since i started doing this I swear !  

STEP 3 : The connector 

Aim at connectors ! This worked for me and this is what made me big !!!As my tracks were all over the internet thanks to blogging and myspace, well colonel from “ The Party-Harders” came across my music at some point and reached out to me and asked if I wanted to meet him. 

 By the time we met he had already talked about my music to Brodinski, he was my favourite DJ at the time, who reached out to me via myspace asking me for all of my tracks saying : “ dude your music is so dope can you please send me a zip with your tracks ?  

From there the whole DJ scene started to be interested about me and Dr. Lektroluv e-mailed me to sign me on his label.The rest is history, I toured around the world for many years playing the biggest clubs and festivals, everyone in the scene would play my music ( Steve Aoki, 2many DJs, Boys Noize, Crookers,… ) and I got signed on many other big labels. 

 See the power of connectors !!! Maybe send your music to DJs instead of labels ? Or to me ? :  

Find people that rotate around the label you wanna sign to, you know it’s all about persuading those A&Rs ! 

It’s always more persuasive from the inside than from the outside ;) 

 I’m really thankful for what my life has been since then and this is why I want to give back to the community now.I created ghost-audio because I have been doing a lot of mistakes over the years ( I’m still making lots actually… but that’s good as I say find out what’s working and what’s not…) so based on my experience i want to help so you don’t make the same mistakes over and over again. 

 The biggest mistake I made is I wasn’t learning properly… I thought I knew it all, I wasn’t reaching my full potential, I was never using the right tools to get there and my mindset was broken…So I realised that learning is more complex process than I thought. It’s not only about what you learn but how you are taking care of learning. How do you maximise learning ?

 I believe that our templates will show you a better way to reach your goal. Regardless your level of music production and what you expect from it. Wether you wanna make it a career or just mess around with it, our templates will meet all the expectations. It’s the perfect product to me !I mean I have been getting awesome feedbacks from the biggest DJs around the world, who are all willing to get involved which goes beyond my sincere expectations :) 

Our package includes high profile music industry contacts so you can reach out to your favourite labels and artists. I’ll give a detailed strategy on how to reach out to labels in a future post !

 So grab this free template and get ready to crush it ! 


Trust me I have tried everything that’s over the internet to make our templates the best in the market. My goal was to connect you with the biggest DJs in the world by making them design the templates. Learning from the greats ! It’s such a unique experience, I’m so hyped ! You shouldn’t miss on the opportunity, I have been working really hard this past year to offer you the best stuff possible ;) 

Thanks a lot for reading this post ! Feel free to reach out to me on my direct e-mail : Stay in touch because I’ll be giving a lot of new tips and tricks.  

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