3 simple music production tips you need to know !

Let’s dive in some simple and quick hacks today ;) 

1. EQ tip 

 There’s no need to EQ every single track, however it’s always important to clean up some useless frequencies. 

But that can be done on a bus instead of having it on every single channel. 

 Don’t over boost either ;) I mean it always depend but sometimes we tend to boost though we might just wanna cut !  

2. Compression tip 

 Same here, don’t compress on every single track just compress on a bus or use parallel compression instead. 

 Don’t over compress ! Don’t lose your original signal intensity, colour,… This is why parallel compression is the best way to preserve your original signal !  

3. Mixing tip 

Never go above 0 Db ! You should have your channels levels to be below 0 Db, it might sound obvious for some but I see a lot of people going in the red. 

 You should avoid those clippings ! Even though you don’t hear it, digital clipping is something to stay away from :) Plus it doesn’t change anything at the end of the day to do it properly, so do it properly haha :)  

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